Daily Specials

Don't feel like making decisions? Choose one of our daily specials!


  • $8.25
    For Those About To Rock, We Cilantro!
    Cilantro-lime rice, black beans, cheese, and sweet pineapple bbq chicken, drizzled with a cilantro pesto sauce.


  • $8.25
    Blackened Burrito
    Blackened chicken served with dirty rice, black beans and cheese, wrapped in a flour tortilla, recommended with our popular salsa, jalapeno feta ($1 extra)


  • $7.25 - $8.25 - $9.00 - $9.75
    Roasted Pepper Pesto
    Roasted poblano pepper pesto, dirty rice, black beans and cheese with your choice of Vegetarian, Chicken, Cajun chicken, Ancho Chili Pork or Angus Beef


  • $8.25
    Chick in a Thai
    Shredded chicken breast smothered in a spicy peanut sauce served with a flour tortilla, whole grain brown rice, black beans and cheese. Offered with a roasted banana and cashew nut salsa.


  • $9.75
    gringo authentico
    Sweet lime juice and chipotle pepper marinated flank steak served with cilantro rice and a smoky sweet salsa with moderate heat.


  • $8.25 - $9.00 - $9.75
    Cowboy Crunch
    Cajun Chicken, Ancho Chili Pork or Angus Beef with crushed nacho chips, bbq rice, refried beans, and cheese, smothered in a ranch dressing, wrapped in a flour tortilla (Note: If you would like to add lettuce and tomato, please specify when you order).