Neato Burrito

Interested In Our Catering Services

Neato Burrito caters! We do large office lunches, weddings, and all types of events.
We collaborate with you to get the perfect burritos for your group. You can get a mix of vegetarian, chicken, beef, pork and Cowboy Crunch burritos in any amount and combination that you like.
We offer our catered  burritos the same way we offer our in shop burritos. All available with a variety of different rices, vegetarian chili, black or refried beans, and slow cooked meats.  They are delivered wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla and ready to eat.  Included are two from scratch house salsas and sour cream. These are served on the side so each person can mix in what they like and skip what they don’t.
We can easily accommodate special requests like vegan or gluten free burritos or bowls. Catered events under 100 burritos can be picked up at the Neato Burrito nearest you. Larger caters can be delivered. Catered Burritos are served in simple to open catering boxes that keep the burritos warm and are well marked with burrito types and ingredients.
It’s easy to estimate what a catered event from Neato Burrito will cost. Our catered prices are the same as our menu prices. So if you have a group of 50 people that all want chicken burritos, it’s just $7.50 x 50 = $375.00.
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Make our burritos a welcomed sight at your next event!

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